Teaching Innovation and Digital Education – Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority 1:

OTIDE will be the nation’s leading provider of education, consultation and professional development across the lifespan.

Goal 1: Expand and strengthen programs that serve the needs of people throughout their lives.


  • Strengthen processes that connect programs across the OTIDE portfolio to create more natural transitions between programs (e.g., alignment of professional development/continuing education program offerings with existing degree programs, developing stackable credentials that lead from professional development to degree programs).
  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the OTIDE portfolio to identify opportunities to build programs supporting individuals during points across the lifespan we are not currently serving.
  • Employ mechanisms to identify and track current and emergent needs in business, technology and social systems through direct engagement with industry leaders and professional associations and greater internal collaboration. Analyze overall market value, industry trends and sustainability of collaborative efforts with campus and community programs on a biannual basis to inform our competitive strategy.
  • Survey existing customers/alumni to identify the benefits of OTIDE programs, resources and unmet needs.

Goal 2: Elevate the profile of OTIDE’s programs through strategic branding and marketing initiatives.


  • Develop a collaborative OTIDE-wide marketing strategy that shares the OTIDE story to all of our relevant stakeholders.
  • Enhance processes and technologies to support our ability to establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with stakeholders.
  • Create new mechanisms to consistently communicate the positive impact of OTIDE’s programs to relevant audiences.

Goal 3: Achieve excellence in all we do, at all levels.


  • Define and implement standards/methods to evaluate quality for all OTIDE initiatives, incorporating data regarding impact and financial sustainability.
  • Adopt a common framework for setting program-level and individual goals that encourages bold initiatives, learning from failure and continuous improvement.
  • Enhance the quality of our online course offerings by building stronger faculty development programs, adopting the Quality Matters framework and regularly reviewing data regarding quality to implement necessary changes.

Strategic Priority 2:

OTIDE will build a portfolio of accessible, innovative offerings that foster continuous growth among learners and lead to communities’ economic and social development.

Goal 1: Provide an inclusive and accessible experience by addressing gaps and barriers to participation.


  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the populations we are serving to identify barriers that are keeping others from benefitting from our programs. Once barriers are identified, implement dynamic strategies to reduce those barriers and reach those who need our programs most.
  • Create equitable funding opportunities to provide financial support that ensure our programs reach underrepresented communities.
  • Develop programs to ensure our learners have access to technology, so they may maximize the benefits of our programs.
  • Implement programs that reduce barriers to participation in UA Early College and increase UAEC students matriculating to UA.

Goal 2: Create new programs and adapt existing programs to address emerging opportunities.


  • Assess current processes to determine how best to incorporate technology that supports the overall customer experience, prioritizing ease of use and reliability.
  • Invest in research identifying emerging opportunities and how best to capitalize on them.
  • Create mechanisms to harvest innovative ideas from staff, faculty, students and others that could enhance our ability to serve our stakeholders.
  • Create common parameters for defining emerging opportunities.

Goal 3: Increase and diversify revenue sources to drive financial growth and sustainability.


  • Pursue grant and contract opportunities to benefit communities’ economic and social development programs.
  • Increase our focus on charitable giving by leveraging relationships with alumni, corporate partners and individuals with an affinity for lifelong learning.
  • Implement activity-based budgeting focused on strategic initiatives and strengthening programs.
  • Engage in regular market research to ensure pricing across all offerings that is competitive, consistent and sustainable.
  • Maintain a distance learning tuition and revenue-sharing model that supports value and access to learners and provides adequate resources to sustain quality.

Strategic Priority 3:

OTIDE will be a magnet for the best talent in the nation.

Goal 1: Prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that support a dynamic workplace.


  • Design and implement a comprehensive recruitment and retention plan that incorporates efforts to increase the diversity of OTIDE staff at all levels.
  • Support the DEI Council in promoting collective and individual talents, skills and perspectives that foster a culture of belonging, collaborative practice, innovation and mutual respect.
  • Promote employee voice and psychological safety to ensure a high performing, safe and resilient workplace.

Goal 2: Cultivate a culture of continuous quality improvement, with focused emphasis on the personal and professional growth of our employees.


  • Incentivize staff professional development opportunities that focus on leadership development, learner support and engagement, and providing customer-focused service (e.g., STAR).
  • Create formal and informal career pathways and professional development plans to encourage employee advancement.
  • Develop a mentoring program designed to enhance leadership skills and build professional networks.
  • Enhance employee feedback mechanisms, including ensuring all employees receive detailed, comprehensive performance evaluations annually and have opportunities to provide feedback to their supervisors.
  • Enhance employee and manager onboarding and training to ensure that employees have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to perform well in their jobs from their first day with the organization.
  • Identify creative spaces and prioritize time to foster collaboration and ingenuity.
  • Enhance college-wide communication channels to ensure timely dissemination of information.

Goal 3: Embrace a work environment that values employee wellness.


  • Promote well-being/wellness by highlighting the support resources offered through employee benefits, campus programs and community partners.
  • Explore mechanisms to provide flexible work arrangements that improve productivity, efficiency and well-being.
  • Publicize opportunities for service and communicating the impact of community service provided by OTIDE.

Strategic Priority 4:

OTIDE will cultivate a culture of instructional excellence at UA.


  • Provide an instructional resource hub and innovation center dedicated to promoting equitable and supportive learning environments and high-quality, evidence-based instruction.
  • Provide consultation and programming on pedagogical and curricular matters inclusive of learner differences.
  • Create a culture of scholarly teaching to enhance instructional and learner effectiveness.